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Things you must do in order to be accepted:
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2. Have your age in your profile.
3. Tell me you know what slash is.

If you add me, but don't comment here, I won't add you back.

Only the rated-R and above fics are friends only!

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All of my new wrestling fics from June 2010 on are now posted at [ profile] so_few_words along with my fave old fics. If you'd like to read any other fandom add me here after commenting! :)
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Answers.In.Nothing. A novel by Chloe Clearly

If anyone had told Aidan that his older brother would kill his parents and he would then end up living with a veteran of war he would never have believed them. But it happened, and now battling with his own depression and psychiatric issues he is trying his hardest to find answers.

Jacob, a war veteran didn't know what to do when he was told that he would be taking in the son of an old friend of the family. He didn't know what to do when the seventeen year old was revealed to have problems of an unknown origin.

This novel is about murder, mayhem and a person's ability to find answers where there is nothing

This novel is a work of fiction owned solely by myself and any reproduction of my work and/or characters should be swung by me first.

Due to the sometimes graphic and mature nature of this novel I would ask that all people be at least over the age of 16, or for certain chapters over the age of majority in their country of origin.

Thank you,
Chloe Clearly.


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