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Prompt table for [ profile] 100_situations

001.Tired 002.Back Alley 003.Sunrise 004.Late 005.Son
006.Hot 007.Friend 008.Floor 009.Cheat 010.Think
011.Disgust 012.Shelter 013.Borrow 014.Chair 015.Alter
016.Peace 017.Beach 018.True 019.Crazy 020.Love
021.New 022.Beggar 023.False 024.Happy 025.Cancer
026.Pickpocket 027.Reverse 028.Deliver 029.Arrival 030.Fall
031.Knife 032.Torn 033.Danger 034.Neutral 035.Mate
036.Fly 037.Loud 038.Touch 039.Seek 040.Argue
041.Work 042.Sink 043.Nut 044.Stuck 045.Animal
046.Pray 047.Kill 048.Light 049.Cold 050.Affair
051.Restaurant 052.Movie 053.Wait 054.Patient 055.Crime
056.Choke 057.Fever 058.Summer 059.Eat 060.Thirst
061.Chance 062.Appear 063.Whisper 064.Day 065.Scream
066.Fail 067.Confused 068.Smile 069.Come 070.Alone
071.Fast 072.Slow 073.Return 074.Fire 075.Positive
076.Baby 077.Upset 078.Kitchen 079.Winter 080.Ignorant
081.Fool 082.Afraid 083.Prison 084.Sex 085.Hate
086.Alarm 087.Genius 088.Negative 089.Flood 090.Bomb
091.Hospital 092.Trap 093.Celebrate 094.Old 095.Disappear
096.Writer‘s Choice. 097.Writer‘s Choice. 098.Writer‘s Choice. 099.Writer‘s Choice. 100.Writer‘s Choice.

500 WoL

Apr. 20th, 2012 10:01 pm
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01.Kiss 02.Hug 03.Cuddle 04.First Date
05.Fire 06.Sigh 07.Smile 08.Cloudy
09.Exposed 10.Truth 11.Lies 12.Death
13.Snow 14.Raindrops 15.Burning 16.Swimming
17.Wine 18.Holiday 19.Sleep 20.Dream

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01.Celebration 02.Surprise 03.Pleasure 04.Past Times
05.Forgiveness 06.Pain 07.Understanding 08.Loss
09.Comfort 10.Hope 11.Love 12.Anniversary
13.Questions 14.Answers 15.Reflection 16.Symmetry
17.Home 18.Cherish 19.Future 20.Memories
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001.Pen. 002.Pencil. 003.Paper. 004.Book. 005.Calendar.
006.Faith. 007.Hope. 008.Charity. 009.Justice. 010.Prudence.
011.Pride. 012.Lust. 013.Avarice. 014.Envy. 015.Wrath.
016.Sight. 017.Sound. 018.Smell. 019.Taste. 020.Feel.
021.Past. 022.Present. 023.Future. 024.Before. 025.After.
026.Blue. 027.Black. 028.Brown. 029.White. 030.Red.
031.Together. 032.Apart. 033.Single. 034.Double. 035.Triple.
036.Friends. 037.Lovers. 038.Partners. 039.Team. 040.Enemy.
041.Food. 042.Drink. 043.Music. 044.Film. 045.Theatre.
046.Office. 047.Computer. 048.News. 049.Court. 050.Hospital.
051.Open. 052.Closed. 053.In. 054.Out. 055.Between.
056.Answers. 057.Questions. 058.Truth. 059.Peace. 060.Reflection.
061.Day. 062.Night. 063.Stars. 064.Sky. 065.Moon.
066.One Day. 067.One Shot. 068.One Person. 069.One Meaning. 070.One True Love.
071.Do You Love Me? 072.Please Don't Go. 073.Take A Chance. 074.Better Left Unsaid. 075.Better The Devil You Know.
076.Theory. 077.Practice. 078.Knowledge. 079.Training. 080.Occupation.
081.Wood. 082.Tree. 083.Flower. 084.Bird. 085.Animal.
086.Life. 087.Universe. 088.Everything. 089.Calm. 090.Chaos.
091.Watch Your Back. 092.Walk Away. 093.Where Are You? 094.Which Way? 095.Why Not?
096.Writer's Choice. 097. Writer's Choice. 098. Writer's Choice. 099. Writer's Choice. 100. Writer's Choice.

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01.Anger. 02.Choices. 03.Answers. 04.Thought.
05.Desire. 06.Travel. 07.Assignment. 08.Leaving.
09.Caring. 10.Duty. 11.People. 12.Loss.


From [ profile] 12_stories
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01.Celebration 02.Surprise 03.Pleasure 04.Past Times
05.Forgiveness 06.Pain 07.Understanding 08.Loss
09.Comfort 10.Hope 11.Love 12.Anniversary
13.Questions 14.Answers 15.Reflection 16.Symmetry
17.Home 18.Cherish 19.Future 20.Memories
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#01 - Before #02 - After #03 - Spell #04 - Tone #05 - Light
#06 - Dark #07 - Living #08 - Inspired #09 - Dust #10 - Now
#11 - Ultimate #12 - Mail #13 - Death #14 - Abused #15 - Denial
#16 - Limits #17 - Add #18 - Subtract #19 - Future #20 - Past
#21 - Chained #22 - Whole #23 - Found #24 - Own #25 - Prey
#26 - Boxes #27 - Belief #28 - Travel #29 - Fly #30 - Time
#31 - Ground #32 - Leave #33 - Search #34 - Blind #35 - Family
#36 - Colour #37 - Forever #38 - Tattoo #39 - Freedom #40 - Wounds
#41 - Sacred #42 - Pieces #43 - Used #44 - Tied #45 - Bitch
#46 - Wrong #47 - Right #48 - Summer #49 - Winter #50 - Papercut

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For [ profile] xmen15 claim: Gambit/Wolverine.

01. Life. 02. Laughter. 03. Cry. 04. Love. 05 Hate.
06. Birth. 07. Day. 08. Night. 09. Hero. 10. Villain.
11. Death. 12. Silence. 13. Noise. 14. Summer. 15 Winter.
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Injured Love Sick Broken Emotion
Lonely Jealousy Tears Fear Fight

[ profile] 10_hurt_comfort
Classic revised prompt table for Harry Potter: Hermione Granger/Bill Weasley
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This is my [ profile] fanfic50 claim for House/Chase.

001.Finish 002.Nothing 003.Alone 004.Desperate 005.Down
006.Tongue 007.Hair 008.Kiss 009.Smile 010.Imagine
011.Defy 012.Notice 013.Celebrate 014.Morgue 015.Charm
016.Bath 017.Dance 018.Scream 019.Kick 020.Feel
021.Stutter 022.Learn 023.Fight 024.Steal 025.Fascinate
026.Forget 027.Hurt 028.Never 029.Close 030.Fade
031.Direction 032.Road 033.Question 034.Between 035.Trap
036.Dress 037.Admit 038.Chance 039.Believe 040.Dream
041.Shine 042.Tied 043.Conspire 044.Couple 045.Undercover
046.Care 047.Creep 048.Empty 049.Bones 050.Writers' Choice

Updated 09/19/09, with Falling prompt 5. Down
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I joined [ profile] ships50 after I saw it on [ profile] greasers journal so here is my table which will be filled with lovely House/Wilson fics.

01.Young. 02.Life. 03.Hardship. 04.Drama. 05.Gold.
06.Forgotten. 07.Loneliness. 08.Don’t Leave. 09.My Name Is... 10.Betrayal.
11.Answers. 12.Forever. 13.Tomorrow. 14.Bitch, Please. 15.Candy.
16.Selfless. 17.Regret. 18.Emotions. 19.Denial. 20.Seeing Red.
21.Despair. 22.Reckless. 23.Choices. 24.Agony. 25.Contradiction.
26.Pink. 27.Flowers. 28.Anti-Hero. 29.Questions. 30.Family.
31.First Meeting. 32.Far Away. 33.Prayers Answered. 34.Feeling Blue. 35.Sexual.
36.Come Undone. 37.Everlasting. 38.Beautiful. 39.Tease. 40.So Close.
41.Lovers. 42.Affection. 43.Unclothed. 44.Sensitivity. 45.Oops!
46.Green. 47.Silver. 48.Joy. 49.Serenity. 50.Attraction.


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