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Title: Of Boredom and Fun in the Sun
Fandom: CSI: NY
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Messer/Monroe
Complete: No.
Summary: Lindsay's feeling bored, and Danny? Well he's just willing to go along for the ride.
Prompt: peja's "fun in the sun" prompt on WWOMB.
Warnings: Contains spoilers for season 5 of CSI: NY and copious amounts of fluff.

"What would you say to some fun in the sun?" Lindsay asked him, her voice ringing sweetly in his ears as they lay in his bed together, her nestled firmly in his arms. "I don't want you to be offended or anything Danny but I'm kind of bored," she admitted, biting her bottom lip when he glanced at her in surprise.

"Bored? Bored? You gotta be kiddin' me," he replied, shifting so he was on his side and they were facing each other. He squinted at her, fighting back a smile he couldn't believe how much enjoyment he still got out of making her squirm. It had become a little bit of a game to her.

"Alright then Montana, what do you have in mind? What do I gotta do to make it so you're not bored? We've already done one of my favourite things today so how about yours? What do you like to do for fun, especially out in the daylight," he asked her, cocking his head slightly as his hand trailed along the skin of her side. He rested it on her stomach, almost praying for their little boy or girl to kick but it had yet to do so with his hand there and instead seemed to do so only for Lindsay. He or she just didn't know their daddy yet.

Soon though, the thought caused pleasurable warmth in his stomach.

Lindsay kissed him softly on the lips, smiling somewhat she pressed her hand over his glad that they had worked things out concerning his proposal and her refusal, she wanted to know he would be there first and they could function as a unit before they took the big step.

"I thought a picnic," she murmured as she slipped an arm around his waist. "Or we could go to Coney Island, or the beach...Or the zoo," she grinned at him.

Danny sighed softly, pretending to be exasperated when he really wasn't. "How about..." He trailed off, taking a moment to kiss her soundly on the lips and enjoy her taste, his tongue briefly sweeping her mouth before he grinned. "We pack up a picnic, and go to the zoo since that seems to be your destination du jour," he kissed her forehead.

Making a happy noise Lindsay pushed him onto his back so she could crawl on top of him and leaned down to kiss him, not caring that she was fully exposed now because she trusted him that much.

"I love it when you try to speak french," she joked, pecking him on the lips before she slid off him and bounded off his bed already heading to the bathroom. "I get the first shower, and you make two of your fabulous subs for us, extra pickles on mine. And while we're at the zoo we can pick up some stuffed animals for him or her," she closed the door.

"Extra pickles," Danny sighed shaking his head and got out of bed, pulling on a pair of boxers he found on the floor. He grinned to himself, realizing the last of her words to him. "And baby presents," he headed to the kitchen without another complaint.

Sometimes, especially with his Montana around, it was good to be Danny Messer.
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